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P/N : VG-PL4500-RD
Warranty : 1 Year


Coffee Fiber Padding
The PL4500’s backrest and seat is padded with high quality Coffee Fiber, produced through a patented technology, enabling the material to exhibit unique properties, including being odor control and quick drying for added hygiene and comfort.
Silver Lining
The PL4500’s embroidery is made out of silver thread. Silver is long hailed for its antibacterial properties. Silver interrupts bacteria’s ability to form chemical bonds critical to its survival, so when bacteria meets silver, it falls apart.
Ultra Premium High Resiliency Foam
Our interior foam boasts a density that puts it well above the standard High Resiliency foam. Where High Resiliency foam sits at approximately 2.5lbs per cubic foot, our foam stands up to 4lbs per cubic foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product.
Heavy Duty Metal Base Frame
The PL4500’s heavy duty base frame is constructed with industrial strength metal to support up to 180 kg / 400 lbs of weight, for long lasting comfort.
Soft-Glide Wheels
The PL4500 comes with 65mm/2.5″ PENTA RS1 casters that are engineered for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris, rolling effortlessly on all types of flooring while preventing damage to the surface beneath.
Effortless Assembly
A patent pending “Slide-In” design mechanical structure that requires no more than one person to assemble.
Extra Accessories: Cushions
Additional Memory Foam
Neck Support and Lumbar
Support cushions are included.
Hygenn X
As the marriage of the Coffee Fiber Padding and Silver Lining Embroidery Vertagear fans love, Hygenn X was designed with a patented coffee infused fiber to limit odor and increase breathability, while maintaining bacteria control properties from the silver thread to prioritize cleanliness and comfort in the areas most sat on during long hours of intense gameplay.
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