P/N : R1280TS
Warranty : 1 Year


Studio-Quality Sound
42W RMS undistorted power, 4-inch bass driver, and ½ inch silk dome tweeter produce solid studio-quality sound that is ideal for gaming, movies, and music. Connect to your computer, home theater, and more..
Soundfield Spacializer
Soundfield Spatializer simulates a larger soundstage with the touch of a button. This unique feature creates wide-filed sound by optimizing each channel, sending out opposite signals to eliminate mutual interference and improve separation.
Removable Mesh Grill
Protects your speaker drivers, easy to remove for cleaning.
Precise Controls
Convenient dials on the side panel of the speaker allows you to adjust the bass, treble, and volume.
Wireless Remote
Adjust volume, mute/unmute, and select sound field extension with the wireless remote, no need to leave the couch.
Sub-out Interface and more
When connected the sub-out automatically detects the subwoofer and activates the digital crossover. Dual RCA inputs allow you to connect to two devices at a time. Connect to your devices such as phone, PC, laptop, tablet, or gaming console with RCA to RCA audio cable, and 3.5 mm-RCA audio cable, eliminates the need to switch cables.
Classic Wood Finish
These outstanding speakers are made from MDF wood with a walnut finish-vinyl, designed to prevent resonance.  A great addition to your living room, office, or study.
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